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Atlanta Premises Liability Attorney

If you were injured while on someone else's property, contact the Atlanta premises liability lawyers at BMW Law Group for assistance. You may be eligible for financial compensation for costs related to your premises liability injuries.

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What is a Premises Liability Lawsuit?

A premises liability lawsuit is a legal claim brought against a landowner for accidents and injuries related to the improper care, use or maintenance of a property that results in significant injuries to another person.

Property owners in Atlanta, Georgia have a legal obligation to maintain safe premises. Safe premises means property free from an unsafe condition, hazardous condition, or dangerous condition. If an owner violates this duty, preventable accidents and serious injuries can occur.

Property Owner Responsibilities in Atlanta

All property owners in Georgia have a legal responsibility to ensure the reasonable safety of their properties for visitors. The specific responsibilities that come with property ownership vary based on the status of the visitor. There are three different visitor classifications.

  • Invitee: An invitee is the highest class of visitor. It is someone invited to a property for the owner’s reasons or benefit, such as a store customer. Property owners must inspect for hidden hazards, remedy any defects and warn invitees of hazards.
  • Licensee: A licensee also has the lawful right to be on a property but enters for his or her own reasons. An example is a social guest. Property owners must repair known defects and warn licensees of potential risks, but they do not have to inspect for unknown or hidden dangers.
  • Trespasser: A trespasser does not have permission or legal authority to be on a property and is therefore not owed any duties of care by a property owner. The only responsibility a landowner has to a trespasser is not to intentionally cause harm. There is an exception, however, if the trespasser is under the age of 18 (trespassing children).

How Can a Premises Liability Lawyer in Atlanta Help My Case?

An Atlanta premises liability attorney can help you determine your classification as a visitor at the time of your accident. Then, your lawyer can frame your lawsuit based on the duties of care owed to you by the property owner. Your lawyer can return to the scene of your accident, collect evidence, hire investigators and qualified experts to testify, and negotiate for fair financial compensation on your behalf – giving you the time and energy to focus on healing.

Common Types of Premises Liability Accidents

Many types of dangerous accidents can take place on another person’s property – especially if that person is negligent in the maintenance and care of the premises. Properties in Atlanta can contain many defects and hazards that place visitors at risk of serious or fatal injuries.

Common examples of incidents that result in premises liability lawsuits in Georgia include:

  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Dog bite injuries
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Daycare and school accidents
  • Ceiling or structural collapses
  • Elevator and escalator accidents
  • Grocery store and big box store accidents
  • Parking lot accidents
  • Amusement park accidents
  • Hotel, Airbnb and spa accidents
  • Fires and explosions
  • Exposures to toxic substances
  • Negligent security and assaults or crimes

If you were injured in any type of accident while on someone else’s property, discuss the possibility of bringing a premises liability lawsuit with a personal injury lawyer in Atlanta. BMW Law Group offers free consultations for premises liability cases, where you can receive answers at no financial risk or obligation to hire our law firm. We will listen to your story and let you know if your premises liability case has merit.

Contact Our Atlanta Premises Liability Lawyers Today

An injury on public or private property can disrupt many aspects of your life. You may have to spend days or weeks in a hospital and take time off of work. You may also suffer significant physical pain and emotional distress.

The Atlanta, Georgia premises liability lawyers at BMW Law Group can help you get what you need to move forward. Our experienced premises liability attorney can help identify the negligent party, deal with the insurance company, and maximize your financial compensation under Georgia law. It all starts with a free consultation at our conveniently located law office. Contact us online or call (770) 225-4710 today to request a free case evaluation about your premises liability claim.

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