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Car Accident involving a Commercial Vehicle

This case involved a serious collision that resulted in significant injuries to our client. The defendants were an individual and the commercial company he worked for. The defense attempted to portray that the individual was not at work while the collision occurred and that the plaintiff’s injuries were not all derived from the accident. With the help of experts, extensive legal research, effective depositions, and a great mediation we were able to refute these claims and obtain this great result for our client.

Car Accident involving a Commercial Vehicle

Our client was at work as a landscaper when he was struck by a car being driven erratically while trying to unload a lawnmower from the trailer. He was forced to undergo multiple back surgeries and over a year of treatment. The defendant had $100,000 in liability coverage but BMW Law was able to find a $1 million dollar uninsured/underinsured policy that our client’s employer had. BMW Law was able to get the client the full $1.1 million dollars in available coverage.

Car Accident

This case was tried to a verdict over four days in Gwinnett County, Georgia. Our client had $1500 of property damage to his Range Rover and the defendant was a sympathetic young girl that went to a Christian school. Our client had lumbar surgery and suffered from ongoing cervical (neck) pain that might need to be controlled by periodic epidurals. This was a long hard-fought trial by the insurance companies defense counsel. They tried to blame our client’s injuries on a fall that he had three weeks prior to the wreck and his old age, and his poor health, among other things. In the end, we believed that the wreck caused our client’s injuries and we were able to make the jury see that as well.

Trucking & RV Accident

Our clients were traveling in their RV when they were suddenly struck by a transfer truck. One of our clients had to have a back surgery that was due to the accident as well as pre-existing conditions. BMW law fought hard with the large trucking company regarding the surgery and were able to obtain the client a $630,000.00 settlement.

Fall on City Sidewalk

Our client tripped over concrete in an uneven sidewalk in downtown Atlanta. These claims are extremely hard to fight and win because of the many complicated legal issues involved and the fact that the person responsible for the sidewalk rarely admits liability. However, because BMW Law picked and hired the right experts and worked hard to prove our case both legally and factually we were able to obtain this great result for our client.

Car Accident with Surgical Estimate (Policy Limits)

Our client was an elderly lady that was t-boned at an intersection when the at-fault driver ran the red light. Our client had significant prior degenerative conditions with her knees and back. Even though it was likely that she would have needed knee surgery at some point and time in the future anyway, because of the “egg-shell plaintiff rule” in Georgia BMW Law was able to argue this law and obtain the policy limits in this case within only a matter of months.

Car Accident (Policy Limits)

Our client was involved in a serious automobile accident where he was severely injured and required emergency surgery at the hospital immediately after the accident on his foot and ankle. The injuries were clearly a result of the accident and even though the insurance company attempted to argue that their insured was not completely to blame for the accident, we were able to shut that argument down, obtain policy limits from the insurance companies involved, and get a check in our client’s hands in less than four months.

Car Accident with Surgical Estimate (Policy Limits)
This client was a passenger in a significant accident and the collision caused her to suffer from a tear of a ligament in her shoulder. The client had no health insurance but BMW Law was able to take the case and help get her access to companies that will fund accident-related treatment so that she could get some relief. While the client did not want to get the surgical repair recommended at the time from the doctor, BMW Law was able to use a surgical estimate and still get the policy limits from the insurance company and get the client the money so that she could have the surgery in the future.
Pedestrian Accident while Client was at Work (Policy Limits)

This client was walking down the road performing a function at his job when he was struck by a vehicle. BMW law was able to obtain the policy limits from the at-fault driver, and have a check in our client’s hand within 3 months. Since our client was at work while he was involved in this accident the client was also able to file a worker’s compensation claim and receive compensation from that at no detriment to his personal injury claim because of the made whole doctrine and common fund rule in the state of Georgia.

Car Accident w/ Surgical Estimate (Policy Limits)

This client found us after she had fired another attorney that she had. She had not been able to get the case resolved and it had been two years since the collision (past the regular statute of limitations). With BMW Law’s extensive knowledge of the law, she was able to save her claim by filing suit under a little-known tolling statute that preserved her claim even though it had already been two years since the collision. After litigating this case for a few months and showing that her injuries were derived from the accident and that they might require surgery, BMW Law was able to garnish the policy limits from the insurance carrier.

Car Accident with Plaintiff with Prior Cervical Fusion

This client was also a prior client of ours that had received a cervical fusion in the past. The client had three prior auto accidents and filed claims related to those accidents. The insurance company tried to use this to argue that our client was litigation happy. The insurance company also tried to argue that his prior back issues were not their responsibility. Our client only had soft tissue injuries from the commercial vehicle accident, but there was a possibility that his prior neck and back issues made him more prone to having future problems as a result of this accident. Also, our client needed the money quickly because he had a family emergency. We were able to settle this case in a matter of months for over 4 times the amount of medical bills because of BMW Law’s extensive knowledge of the laws such as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act that apply to commercial vehicle collisions.

Car Accident with D.U.I Defendant

This client was in a car accident where the at-fault driver was drinking and driving at the time of the accident. Our client had soft tissue injuries that healed nicely within a few months. However, BMW law was able to use this and the law that applies to punitive damages to garnish a settlement approximately five times more than our client’s medical bills.

Car Accident
This client was in a car accident and was only able to treat for a month before he had to move elsewhere. Because he had received one injection before he was forced to move and was supposed to receive more, BMW law was able to argue this and garnish this great result for our client.
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