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What to Do if You Hit a Pedestrian With Your Car

The greatest threats to pedestrian safety are drivers. Negligent and careless drivers running into pedestrians cause thousands of life-changing injuries and deaths in the U.S. each year. In one year alone, 193 pedestrians died in motor vehicle crashes in Georgia. The rate of pedestrian accidents has unsteadily increased year after year in Georgia since 2008.

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How To File a Personal Injury Claim

Most plaintiffs, or injured parties, in personal injury lawsuits do not have any experience going through the legal process. They are often first-time victims who recently suffered serious, life-changing injuries and are in search of answers and closure. If this sounds like you, help is available. An injury lawyer can help you understand what is happening

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Can I Sue Public Transportation for a Personal Injury?

Public transportation is very common in metropolitan areas. In Atlanta, MARTA provides cheap and reliable transportation to people that need it. While it is a great system, it’s not a perfect one and issues can occur. Unfortunately, people can and have gotten hurt while being a passenger of a public transportation system. In situations like

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Car Accident Property Damage Claim FAQ’s

What is the First Thing to do to File a Property Damage Claim? Whether your car is totaled or not, there are two routes towards filing a property damage claim: the first is going after the at-fault insurance company and the second filing the property damage claim with your own insurance company. If you decide

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Can I Sue if I’m an Illegal Immigrant?

Personal injury cases where an illegal immigrant is involved can be very complex; however, if you’re in any type of accident, regardless of your immigration status, you are entitled to be financially compensated for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Given the current administration’s view on immigration, it is a very unpredictable and

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