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Jefferson Truck Accident Attorney

Commercial trucks are the largest and heaviest vehicles on the road. They can cause an immense amount of damage in a collision – especially when the collision involves a smaller car. Although trucking companies have many state and federal safety laws to obey, they often break the rules to save time or money.

If you were recently injured in a truck accident in Jefferson, Georgia, you may be eligible for financial compensation from the trucking company or another party. Our Jefferson truck accident attorneys at BMW Law Group can help you pursue the recovery you need, starting with a free consultation.

Do You Need to Hire an Attorney?

Truck accident cases have many unique elements that make them more difficult to navigate than traditional car accident claims. For example, truck accidents often cause more catastrophic injuries and involve federal regulations.

The best way to protect yourself during a truck accident claim is by hiring an attorney to represent you. A truck accident lawyer in Jefferson can assist you and your family by collecting evidence of fault, reconstructing your collision, negotiating with an insurer for you, hiring qualified experts and more.

What Evidence Should You Gather After a Truck Accident?

Truck accident cases in Georgia cannot succeed without evidence. Evidence refers to proof that supports your version of events. If you are aiming to prove that a truck driver caused your crash, for example, you or your lawyer will need evidence that the driver was at fault. You can collect some evidence while still at the scene of the truck accident, while other types are available later.

Important evidence and information for your truck accident case in Georgia include:

  • The name of the trucking company and truck driver
  • The driver’s insurance information
  • The truck’s license plate number
  • The truck’s black box information
  • Photographs and video footage
  • Witness statements
  • Police report number
  • Company records
  • Truck maintenance records
  • Cell phone records

A truck accident attorney in Jefferson can help you gather evidence that may play an important role in your injury claim. A personal injury lawyer can submit an Order for Evidence Preservation, for example, to prevent the trucking company from mishandling or destroying evidence.

What Is Vicarious Liability and How Might it Affect Your Truck Accident Claim?

Liability is the legal term for being financially responsible for an accident. Under Georgia’s fault-based car insurance law, liability for a collision will go to the person or party most at fault for causing the truck accident. This party could be a truck driver, trucking company, cargo company, truck manufacturer or the government.

Vicarious liability is a legal doctrine that states that some parties can be held liable for the actions and behaviors of others. It is most often applied to cases involving employers and their employees, as well as adults and minor children. In a truck accident case, the rule of vicarious liability may allow an injured victim to hold the trucking company accountable for the mistakes of its truck drivers or other employees.

Should You Accept a Settlement From an Insurance Company?

Going up against a trucking company in Georgia is not easy. Trucking companies have the money and resources to combat your claim and avoid liability for your losses. They also have powerful insurance providers that are well-versed in denying and diminishing payouts.

It is important not to accept a settlement from an insurance company immediately after a truck accident. First, bring the offer to an attorney to find out if it is fair based on the extent of your injuries and losses – including your future medical needs.

The initial settlement offer from an insurance company is often lower than the client deserves. Once you accept a settlement, you cannot take it back, reopen your case or renegotiate. An attorney can review the facts of your case to accurately estimate its value. Then, a Jefferson truck accident lawyer can advise you on whether or not to accept a settlement.

Contact Our Law Firm for More Information

If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident in Jefferson, Georgia, don’t wait. Contact an attorney from BMW Law right away to schedule a free consultation. We can review the facts of your case and let you know how we can help. Our truck accident lawyers will work tirelessly to get you what you need to recover.

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