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Johns Creek Personal Injury Lawyer

At Bross, McAllister & Williams, LLC, our Johns Creek personal injury attorneys have everything you need to build the strongest possible claim for financial compensation. We are dedicated and experienced lawyers who will fight for you.

You may be entitled to financial compensation in Georgia if you’ve been injured in a preventable accident. If someone else’s negligence gave you an injury, that person or party may be financially responsible for your related medical costs and other expenses.

Why Choose Us?

  • You will receive an unmatched level of customer service from our personal injury legal team. We have a staff that is certified in medical coding, billing, counseling and assistance.
  • Our Johns Creek personal injury lawyers know how to secure optimal results for our clients, even if that means taking a case to trial. We have obtained millions of dollars in positive case results for our clients.
  • If we don’t win your case, you won’t pay us a dime in attorney’s fees, guaranteed. At Bross, McAllister & Williams, LLC, we only win if you win. This is known as operating on a contingency fee basis.

Do You Have a Personal Injury Case in Johns Creek, GA?

A personal injury case is a civil lawsuit that can be filed by an accident victim in pursuit of monetary compensation if one or more parties negligently caused the accident. Negligence is a legal concept that refers to someone’s failure to act with the ordinary care that a reasonable and prudent person would have used in the same or similar circumstances.

Another way to describe negligence is a breach of the duty of care. A breach of duty can refer to any act or omission that falls short of the expected or required amount of care based on the circumstances. For example, if a driver causes a car accident by texting and driving, he or she has been negligent and must pay for the crash. You may have grounds to file a personal injury case in Johns Creek if one or more parties carelessly, recklessly or intentionally caused your injuries.

What Damages Are Available in a Personal Injury Case?

The goal of a personal injury case is to make an injured accident victim whole again; in other words, to restore the victim to the position that he or she would have been in had the accident not taken place. Damages can be awarded to pay for a victim’s physical, mental and financial losses. Damages refer to the financial compensation that can be collected in a civil lawsuit. A settlement or judgment award could pay for the following:

  • Present and future medical bills
  • Lost income and employment opportunities or benefits
  • Lost future capacity to earn due to a disability
  • Lost quality or enjoyment of life
  • Property damage repairs
  • Pain, suffering and emotional injuries
  • Punitive damages, in some cases

It is important to consult with an At Johns Creek personal injury attorney before you accept a settlement for your injuries from an insurance company in Georgia. Unlike an insurance company, an attorney will want to maximize your financial recovery – not minimize your settlement to save investors money. A personal injury lawyer will give you an accurate calculation of your damages and advice on how to optimize your case’s outcome.

How Can a Johns Creek Personal Injury Lawyer Help You?

What you do in the aftermath of an accident is important to your case. Hiring an attorney, for instance, can transform your legal experience. A lawyer can take care of tasks that are essential to your case, such as preserving and collecting evidence, filing claims paperwork, meeting critical deadlines, and negotiating with an insurance company on your behalf. Most importantly, a lawyer can give you the mental peace to focus on healing, rebuilding your life and moving forward after a traumatic accident.

Speak to an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney in Johns Creek Today

A personal injury case can hold a negligent party accountable for causing your injuries and related losses. Clients have trusted Bross, McAllister & Williams, LLC, with their injury claims for many years. Our law firm has everything you need for a strong claim to damages. We will be there for you and your family every step of the way. Please call us today at (770) 225-4710 or contact us online for a free consultation.

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