Motorcycle Accidents


Motorcycle accidents can often result in catastrophic injuries

Motorcycle accidents often end in severe injuries, with an increasing amount of these injuries resulting in death. It is very important to seek legal advice as soon as possible after a motorcycle accident — especially because many motorcycle accidents are the direct result of another driver’s negligence. We are available to help establish “at-fault negligence” and secure compensation for any injuries, loss of work, or other accident related costs.


A SOBERING THOUGHT: Of the 1,554 total traffic fatalities in Georgia in 2016, 172 were motorcycle fatalities.*  Many of these accidents are by no fault of the motorcyclist, and some of them may be a hit and run incident. As in any hit and run accident, motorcyclists will benefit from seeking legal help to pursue monetary compensation from the driver at fault.

NHTSA: Traffic Safety Facts Georgia 2012-2016


Motorcycle accidents can often result in catastrophic injuries like broken bones, spinal injuries, severe road rash, or head trauma. Our team can help ensure you receive adequate compensation for any catastrophic injuries you may have received that will impact you further down the road.