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Norcross Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Understanding Workers’ Compensation

The no-fault characteristic of workers’ compensation guarantees benefits for on-the-job accidents, regardless of fault. BMW Law Group is steadfast in ensuring that injured workers receive all-encompassing compensation, covering medical expenses, lost wages, travel costs, vocational rehabilitation, and death benefits in tragic situations.

Eligibility and Limitations

Coverage is applicable to most employees, with exceptions like independent contractors and federal workers. Our legal team guides you through the intricacies of eligibility, ensuring you get the benefits you deserve.

We specialize in different work injury cases, encompassing car and truck accidents, machinery incidents, and construction accidents. Our team excels in managing common types of construction accidents, including burns, falls, electrocutions, equipment mishaps, and beyond.

What We Offer:

    • Guidance on Compensation: We assist in securing compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and permanent injuries and disabilities.

    • Preparation for IMEs: We prepare clients for Independent Medical Examinations, crucial in workers’ compensation claims.

    • Navigating Compensation Benefits: Our Athens workers’ comp attorneys explain Georgia’s Workers’ compensation benefits, including temporary total disability (TTD), temporary partial disability (TPD), and permanent partial disability (PPD).

We provide empathetic legal assistance for families facing work-related deaths, ensuring they understand their rights to death benefits.

Our Services Include:

    • Assessing Coverage: We help determine if fatalities are covered under workers’ compensation, including cases of pre-existing health conditions worsened by work-related accidents.

    • Filing Claims: We assist families in filing death benefits claims, understanding state-specific timelines and eligibility.

    • Securing Death Benefits: Ensuring dependents receive due compensation, covering weekly income benefits and funeral expenses.

Why Choose a BMW Law Group Workers’ Comp Attorney?

Opting for BMW Law Group means making a choice in favor of a team committed to your well-being and financial stability. We merge legal proficiency with compassion, ensuring the protection of your rights and the meeting of your needs.

If affected by a workplace injury or fatality, contact BMW Law Group at (770) 225-4710 for a free consultation. Let us guide you with expertise and compassion through these challenging times.

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