Slip and Fall


Can you afford to miss work due to a slip and fall?

A slip and fall accident is any incident involving tripping over something that isn’t supposed to be on the ground. It isn’t an issue with being clumsy or accident prone. It is serious, because slip and falls are the primary cause of missed work days. In the case of a slip and fall situation, it is important to know your rights and act accordingly.


THE UGLY TRUTH: Slip and fall accidents are the second leading cause of injury in the United States. Elderly adults are more at risk for injury from a slip and fall accident, resulting in over 31 billion dollars in medical costs related to falls last year.*

*CDC: Costs of Falls Among Older Adults


In the case of an accident, seek immediate medical attention to ensure appropriate documentation is filed. Taking pictures of the area where you fell , as well as the injuries you suffered will be essential to building a case.  In the event of a catastrophic injury or hazardous working conditions, we are here to ensure you receive compensation for your injuries.