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Toccoa Brain Injury Attorney

When we win. You win.

Severe injury to the brain can have devastating consequences for victims and their families. If you or your loved one has sustained brain injuries through the negligence of another, it is in your best interests to speak with an experienced Gwinnett County brain injury attorney as soon as possible. Contact Bross, McAllister & Williams, LLC in Toccoa, Atlanta, or Suwanee for the sound legal guidance you need.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our Toccoa brain injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, allowing accident victims access to the legal system and justice. We never charge a fee unless we win your case.
  • We prepare all our cases thoroughly, as though we were going to trial, and will fight for your right to compensation in court, if necessary.
  • We are a client-focused firm, dedicated to providing service for all your needs. If you are unable to come to us, we will visit you in the hospital or at home.

What Is Traumatic Brain Injury?

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a disruption in the normal function of the brain caused by external trauma. It can result from a bump, jolt, or blow to the head, or a penetrating head injury, such as a bullet wound. The severity of a TBI can range from mild injury, causing a brief, temporary change in mental status, to severe injury, involving extended unconsciousness or amnesia.

Brain Injury Statistics

As reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

  • Approximately 2.87 million TBI-related emergency room visits, hospitalizations, and deaths occurred in the U.S. in a recent year.
  • 837,000 of these brain injuries occurred among children.
  • TBI contributed to 56,800 deaths, including 2,529 among children.
  • An average of 155 people died every day from injuries including TBI.
  • In a recent eight-year period, the number of emergency room visits, hospitalizations, and deaths related to traumatic brain injury increased by 53%.

If you or a loved one is suffering or has suffered a traumatic brain injury, contact an Atlanta brain injury lawyer to recover damages for your injuries.

Symptoms of Brain Injury

Symptoms of TBI can vary widely, depending on the severity of the injury. Some symptoms may appear immediately, while others may not be noticed for days or months after the injury, when the person resumes normal activities. CDC divides traumatic brain injury symptoms into four categories:

  • Cognitive: Difficulty thinking clearly or concentrating, feeling slowed down, trouble remembering new information.
  • Physical: Headache, dizziness, nausea or vomiting, blurred or fuzzy vision, sensitivity to light or noise, problems with balance, tiredness, and lethargy.
  • Emotional: Sadness, irritability, nervousness or anxiety, more emotional than normal.
  • Sleep: Difficulty falling asleep, sleeping more or less than usual.

Common Causes of Brain Injury

As stated by the Mayo Clinic, common causes of traumatic brain injury include:

  • Falls: Overall, falls are the leading cause of TBI, particularly among older adults and children. If you or a loved one fell and suffered a TBI, contact our Gwinnett County slip and fall accident attorney.
  • Traffic crashes: Car, motorcycle, bicycle, and pedestrian accidents are a common cause of traumatic brain injury.
  • Acts of violence: TBI can be caused by domestic violence, gunshot wounds, and other types of assault.
  • Sports injuries: High impact and extreme sports are a common cause of brain injury. These sports include football, soccer, boxing, baseball, skateboarding, and lacrosse.
  • Combat injuries: Active-duty military personnel may suffer brain injury from explosive blasts, falls, penetrating wounds, severe blows to the head with debris or shrapnel, or collisions with objects after a blast.

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Severe brain injury can have lifelong effects on the victim and the entire family. If you or your loved one has suffered TBI because of someone else’s negligence, you have a right to pursue full compensation for your losses. Fill our online contact form or call Bross, McAllister & Williams, LLC today to speak with an experienced Toccoa brain injury attorney.

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