Truck Accidents


Truck Accidents are More Likely to Result in Serious Injuries

Commercial truck accidents are more likely to result in very serious injuries or fatalities to automobile drivers. As you can imagine, when an 80,000 pound vehicle runs into a 3,000 pound vehicle, the damage can be astronomical. Often the truck drivers walk away with minimal damage, but the passengers of the car they hit face devastating injuries. If you have been injured in an accident with a commercial truck, we know how to navigate the complex policies of the corporate trucking companies.

These type of accidents also involve a corporate Defendant. BMW Law is well versed in FMCSA laws and requirements for truckers and is quickly able to determine whether a more egregious conduct existed on the part of the company that lead to the accident. This translates to a bigger recovery for our client.



Unfortunately, trucking collisions are increasingly common due to the cross-country driving required to transport products nationwide. Many times these accidents are the direct result of negligence such as driver fatigue, prescription drug use, or vehicle weight and speed issues.


A SOBERING THOUGHT: There were 415,000 reported crashes in 2015. 3,598 of these were fatal, and 83,000 of them resulted in injuries. That averages out to 20 percent being injury related, with one percent resulting in a fatality.

FMCSA: Large Truck and Bus Crash Facts 2015


Timeliness is a huge factor in seeking legal counsel, as waiting too long could result in loss of damage recovery. In the case of a hit and run scenario, our team can also help with the legal documentation needed to secure compensation for your damages. In the event of catastrophic injuries, we will aid in seeking compensation for the long road ahead.